Witch of the Week #1

Screw vampires. For me, witches have always been the best monsters. (There’s a witch in my book.) They got to do more fun stuff than princesses, and they generally know a lot more useful things as well. So I thought I’d write a bit about my favourite witches, starting with Griselda (“She of the Evil Eye”) from the 1955 Danny Kaye comedy, The Court Jester.

Griselda (played by Mildred Natwick) is the personal lady-in-waiting of the Princess Gwendoline (essayed by a very young Angela Lansbury), whose protection is pretty much the only thing keeping her from a short walk to a hot bonfire. So Griselda’s pretty invested in keeping Gwendoline happy – and when Danny Kaye shows up, and Gwendoline falls hard and fast, Griselda isn’t taking any chances…


Further proof that Griselda’s powers are awe-inspiring: this spell never once worked for me in elementary school, no matter how many times I tried it.

(Update: I did just learn a new-to-me piece of Internet magic, though: the video should now be embedded. I am disproportionately excited about this.)

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