I think the door to this blog is stuck.

<sound of splintering wood>



<sniff, splutter>

<looks around as dust cloud settles>

My goodness, it’s been a while. I just checked the date on my last post and discovered that it had been a full two years since I last put anything up.

Where does the time go?

Actually, that’s a totally disingenuous rhetorical question. (I’m not sure what the emoticon is for “crazyexcited about this thing I’m working on; dying to talk about it, can’t think of a good segueway; who needs words when you’re a writer anyway?” If there’s a word for it, it’s probably German.) I wrote a book!  I’m really excited about it! It’s set in a small village in the heart of England (total coincidence: I’m actually from a small village in the heart of England, albeit a different one, that I maintain would have been a lot more interesting if it had had magic and monsters in it.) And it has witches! (well, one.) And monsters! (lots.) And British-made cars! (of variable quality.) Seriously. I’m so stoked about this thing.

I’ve decided to self-publish it (why? Whole other post; it’s a-comin’), and given that this is going to involve a lot more self-promotion than I’m generally used to, I’m going to change the focus of the blog a bit and use it to track my adventures in the hitherto uncharted (by me) scary dark forest of self-publishing. Will my story and I be swallowed up by the darkness, never to be seen again? Eaten by ferocious Marketing Dragons? Mutilated by the terrifying Social Media Hydra? Beset by ghoulishly deformed running heads, spiky stacks of hyphens, and pagination that defies not only the laws of mathematics, but also of sanity? Or will we survive and emerge bloody, embattled, and psychologically scarred, but ultimately victorious and ready to fight another day?

Wanna find out? Stay with me. Best pack a lunch.

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