Things I have done in the last three weeks (in no particular order):

1. Saw Rammstein at the Air Canada Centre

Best. Live. Rock. Show. EVAH. The music was awesome, and lots of things blew up (including the guy playing keyboards). Hopefully they will not wait another twelve years before coming back (although I believe the show was sold out, so fingers crossed.) Although next time,  I will bring earplugs, since the following day was a bit like being underwater.

2. Rented Deadgirl

File under “flawed, but interesting”: two teenage boys bunk off school to break things and drink beer in an abandoned mental hospital, where they find a naked, dead woman tied to a table in the basement—and still moving.  So, given that there’s no one around and she’s tied to a table, one of them decides to have sex with her. It’s not a perfect movie by any means, but it’s interesting to see teenage male sexuality under the spotlight (pass the popcorn, Carrie and Regan… oh, and Jennifer; see below)—and the ending is devastating, to say the least. Definitely worth checking out, but you might want to take a shower afterwards.

3. Rented Jennifer’s Body

Saw Juno. Liked Juno. Was well stoked to hear Diablo Cody was writing a horror movie. The plot’s fairly interesting (viz. indie band needs to sacrifice a virgin to Satan in order to secure global fame and success, but they show up in a small town and pick Jennifer, who tells them she is even though she isn’t, and consequently becomes a flesh-eating demon after the ritual. Oops.), and obviously the dialogue is pretty snappy, but there are times when you want the characters to just shut up and respond to the, I dunno, emotionally devastating situation they find themselves in, instead of snarking about it.

4. Saw Scream 4

This was really just like hanging out with friends you haven’t seen in a while and making the happy discovery that they haven’t changed a whole lot.

5. Voted in my first Canadian election

Which turned out to be a whole other kind of horror show, but I’ll save the analysis and just sit in a corner and rock back and forth for a bit.

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